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Anthony Musumeci: At the Heart of West Islip's Community

Anthony Musumeci, a cornerstone of the West Islip community and the owner of Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, has been recognized by the West Islip Chamber of Commerce with the 2023 Community Minded Business of the Year Award. This accolade is a testament to Anthony's enduring commitment and contribution to the welfare of the community he cherishes.

Anthony's journey began at a young age. He started working in the very pizzeria he now owns at the age of 13, where his tasks included folding pizza boxes and cleaning. In 1998, he took a significant step by taking over the business, marking the start of a journey that would extend over 25 years. Since then, Anthony's Pizza and Pasta, located at 791 Udall Rd, West Islip, has not only served delicious food but has also become a beacon of community service and involvement.

One of Anthony's first acts of generosity, upon taking over the pizzeria, was to donate a brand new pizza oven to West Islip High School, which was installed in The Shack near the sports fields. This gesture was just the beginning of a long history of benevolence and community support. Anthony has been a relentless benefactor to families in need and a consistent contributor to various community organizations. These include the Youth Enrichment Service, West Islip Chamber of Commerce, and WOWI - just to name a few. His generosity has extended to donating tens of thousands of pizza slices to school district organizations and fundraisers, such as TOPS and PARP, with over 400 pizza pies going to the West Islip Football Team alone.

His involvement in community events is both hands-on and wholehearted. Anthony is always one of the first to arrive at any community event, ready to lend a hand wherever needed. His dedication to the community extends beyond his pizzeria. Anthony also serves as a Park Ranger for the Town of Islip and is the acting President of the Islip Park Ranger Association. His skills are multifaceted, as he is a certified instructor at The Town of Islip Law Enforcement Academy, specializing in general tactical, medical tactical, and firearms.

Those who know Anthony can attest to his deep love for the community, his honesty, and his hard work. His dedication is not just about running a successful business but about embedding himself deeply into the fabric of the community. As the holiday season approaches, his pizzeria, known for its exceptional catering services, becomes a go-to for many in the community.

In recognizing Anthony Musumeci with the 2023 Community Minded Business of the Year Award, the West Islip Chamber of Commerce not only honors a successful business owner but celebrates a true community hero whose impact extends far beyond the confines of his business.

As the holiday season approaches, remember Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta not just for their delicious offerings but for the heart and soul behind the business. Anthony Musumeci embodies the spirit of community-mindedness, making him a deserving recipient of the 2023 Community Minded Business of the Year Award. For more information about his business, visit Anthony's Pizza and Pasta.

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Esposito Photography

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Dec 12, 2023

Anthony’s Pizza is awesome and so is ANTHONY!!!! He is an asset to West Islip and his neighbors….

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