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Serving More Than Food: Jay Geller's Mission at Summerwind Deli

Over the past four decades, Summerwind Deli has seen its fair share of comings and goings, witnessing various owners taking up the mantle. However, for the past seven years, there has been one name that stands out in the deli's storied history: Jay Geller.

Jay Geller isn't just another face in the line-up of owners this establishment has had. With a professional journey nearly as long as the deli itself, spanning about 45 years, Jay comes with vast experience and a wealth of knowledge. Some might remember his iconic presence at Bagel Boss, marking a testament to his commitment to the food industry. Yet, it's not just about business for Jay. It's about passion, comfort, and above all, community.

For Jay, Summerwind Deli isn't just a place of commerce. It is a home. A sanctuary where if someone is going through a tough time, they're welcomed, embraced, and taken care of. This is perhaps what distinguishes Jay's leadership and vision for the Deli. His emphasis on community integration is evident. As he fondly says, “My favorite thing about being in this type of business is the relationships I create with others. We aren’t just in the community, we are the community, and we love being a part of something so special.”

Under Jay's stewardship, Summerwind Deli has evolved. It’s not just about selling sandwiches and bagels anymore. It’s about delivering a gourmet experience. It's about understanding the diverse palates and catering to them. From traditional fares to ethnic-inspired delicacies, spanning Asian to Mediterranean, Jay's expansive menu caters to all.

One of Jay's specializations is in catering, where he is a self-taught maestro. With a dedicated staff skilled in various culinary styles, including the intricate demands of kosher events, Summerwind Deli stands ready to elevate any occasion. Jay's personal touch in attending every event he caters speaks volumes about his commitment. It's no longer just about food; it's about creating memories, forging bonds, and celebrating moments.

In a world where commercial establishments come and go, the enduring charm and legacy of Summerwind Deli, especially under Jay Geller's watch, serve as a heartwarming testament to what businesses can achieve when they are run with passion, commitment, and a genuine love for the community. Here's to many more years of delicious memories with Jay and Summerwind Deli!

Photo Courtesy Nicole Esposito Photography


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