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Mario's Pasticceria: A Taste of Authentic Italy in Babylon Village

Mario's Pasticceria, situated on the East end of Main Street in Babylon village, offers a delightful journey into the world of authentic Italian desserts. The venture started in 2017 when Gabriela and her son, Anthony Mistretta, decided to transform their shared passion for baking into a thriving business. While undergoing his bachelor's degree in business management, Anthony recognized the challenges ahead. Although familiar with baking, he embarked on night classes in downtown Manhattan to master the trade, all while actively participating in the store's renovation process.

Once everything was set, the doors of Mario's Pasticceria opened, and the bakery has been serving the community ever since. Their dedication is evident in every pastry, cake, and cookie they serve. Whether you're seeking an elaborate custom cake or just a simple treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, Mario's has something for everyone.

Their array of products includes cakes, pastries, cookies, and pies, with some of the most popular items being Cannoli, Creampuffs, Eclairs, Napoleons, Carrot Cake, and Fruit Tarts. Cookie enthusiasts can choose from a variety of options, including Rainbow’s, Pignoli, Biscotti, Regina, and Butter cookies.

For those chilly days, Mario’s introduces a mouth-watering line of homemade soups. Each soup is hand-cut and artisan-made, ensuring a comforting and delicious experience with every spoonful. As the festive season approaches, consider Mario's for your Thanksgiving pies, all of which are handmade and baked to perfection. From Apple to Pumpkin and Coconut Custard, there's a pie for every palate.

Gabriela and Anthony's commitment to delivering quality products with quality service remains unwavering. Their shared dream and hard work have transformed Mario's Pasticceria into a beloved destination for many, making it the go-to place for genuine Italian delights. Swing by and treat yourself to a taste of Italy; you won't be disappointed.

Photo Courtesy Nicole Esposito Photography


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