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Bang Bang Burritos: A Community Success Story

If you're a resident of West Islip or just passing through, you're likely familiar with Bang Bang Burritos. This popular eatery is a cornerstone of the community, renowned for its authentic Mexican-style cuisine, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere. Yet behind the business's success is a heartwarming story of dreams realized and a labor of love that has spanned decades. Meet the owners, Frank Carbone and Barbara Pagliarulo.

An Italian Heritage, An American Dream

Frank Carbone, a native of the quaint Italian town of Casteldaccia, emigrated to the United States at the age of nine. With a strong work ethic inculcated from a young age, Frank began working in the family's pizzeria at 16 alongside his father and grandfather.

However, when Frank adopted his daughter, Krystal, from China, he decided to take a step back from the pizzeria's late hours. He wanted to ensure that his role as a father was not compromised. His solution? He transitioned into barbering, a profession he pursued for the next 30 years, allowing him to spend quality time with his daughter.

A Transformative Professional Pivot

Barbara Pagliarulo, on the other hand, came from the funeral industry, where she had worked for 14 years. Frank and Barbara had known each other for years, but it wasn’t until their respective relationships ended that their paths crossed again. During this new chapter of their lives, they discussed the idea of opening an eatery together. The location? Their beloved hometown of West Islip.

Their shared passion for cooking, engaging with the community, and delighting in their customers' reactions inspired their venture. They wanted to bring diversity to the food landscape, populated by pizzerias, bagel shops, and Chinese restaurants. Thus, Bang Bang Burritos was born.

Birth of Bang Bang Burritos

When the opportunity arose to take over a closed Pudgies/Arthurs Treachers in June 2019, Frank and Barbara leapt at the chance. The menu took months to perfect, with their three children, Krystal, Nicolette, and Nicholas, acting as eager taste testers. After several trial and error sessions, they finally curated what they believed was a great menu.

They completely remodeled the store themselves, often working into the wee hours. Five months later, on November 21, 2019, Bang Bang Burritos opened its doors to a warm reception from the community, marking the beginning of a successful journey that continues to this day.

A Family Affair

At Bang Bang Burritos, the spirit of family is paramount. The counter staff comprises West Islip's youth, contributing to the familial atmosphere. After a year or two, they move on to college or other ventures, but the connection remains, a testament to the strong community bonds formed here.

A Culinary Experience

Bang Bang Burritos is more than a burrito joint; it's a dining experience, with a menu designed to delight every palate. From a variety of burritos, tacos, and salad bowls to nachos, enchiladas, empenadas, and beyond, they offer a culinary journey like no other. Popular local choices include the delectable Beef and Reef Burrito, the imaginative Banging Creations, and the flavorful Buffalo chicken tacos. Don't miss out on their remarkable guacamole and chips - they're an absolute delight.

Frank and Barbara’s journey from their roots to their roles as community pillars is a testament to their love for West Islip and its people. Bang Bang Burritos stands as an embodiment of their dedication, infusing diversity, flavor, and warmth into the community. When you step into Bang Bang Burritos, you’re not just a customer - you’re family.

Photo Courtesy Nicole Esposito Photography


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