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Pressed to Impress: Oak Neck Cleaners' 40-Year Commitment to West Islip

In the heart of West Islip stands a beacon of impeccable service and community spirit: Oak Neck Cleaners. Behind its doors is Charles "Charlie" D'Angelo, a man whose dedication to his community has made him a staple in the lives of many.

Beyond being the dynamic owner and operator of Oak Neck Cleaners, Charlie is a man of many passions. A proud CW Post alumnus, he currently resides in Eastport with his wonderful wife, Susan. Their pride and joy are their two sons: Nicholas, 35, and Douglas, 31. In his downtime, Charlie can often be found lost in his vast collection of vinyl record albums. He also harbors a love for cooking, often trying out new recipes, and enjoys traveling to explore new horizons with Susan.

Oak Neck Cleaners has been a beacon in West Islip since 1982, offering more than just top-tier dry cleaning and tailoring services—it has provided a sense of community. "Many of my current customers," shares Charlie, "are the children of those who have been loyal patrons for years." Such enduring relationships speak volumes about the trust Charlie has cultivated over the decades.

Recent years brought their set of challenges. With the changing dynamics of work and lifestyle, the demand for dry cleaning saw a decline. Yet, Charlie's resilience and the support of his loyal clientele ensured that Oak Neck Cleaners didn't just survive; it thrived. Expanding its already vast pickup and delivery network, introducing innovative offerings such as wash-and-fold laundry and outdoor furniture cleaning, the establishment continued to evolve. The presence of an expert tailor every day adds to its charm, ensuring every outfit leaves the store looking its best.

Oak Neck Cleaners, under Charlie's visionary leadership, stands as a shining example of what dedication, adaptability, and community connection can achieve. If you're ever in West Islip and need that perfect outfit touched up, you know the place to go. And if you're lucky, you might just hear a tune from one of Charlie's cherished vinyl records playing softly in the background.

Photo Courtesy Nicole Esposito Photography


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